Course: Data and AI Ethics Foundations

Course Description

This course offers a foundational understanding of Data and AI Ethics.

At the end of the course, you will 

  • gain a solid understanding of the foundational concepts of data and AI ethics
  • gain an understanding of foundational concepts of data, data practices and AI from an ethical perspective and how to apply them in your work
  • gain an understanding of why data and AI ethics is important by analysing real-world examples
  • gain an understanding of data ethics principles and the legislative context
  • be introduced to data ethics frameworks and how to evaluate your data practices against them
  • and learn to create your own data ethics framework and embed it into your organisation.

This course is designed to cater to a diverse audience, guiding you through foundational concepts and practical applications. With exercises, resources, signposts and quizzes you will be equipped with foundational knowledge to develop your skills and expertise further.

While this course will enhance your understanding of data and AI ethics, it is not a technical course or legal/ethical advice specific to any industry. It is recommended that you seek guidance from a legal or ethical professional.

Target Audience

  • Business Leaders, Policy makers
  • Data Governance professional, Data Managers, Data Practitioners
  • Product Owners, Project Managers, Product Designers, Product Developers
  • Change Directors, Change Managers, Portfolio Managers
  • Business Analysts, Team Leads 
  • Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Consumers
  • AI Professionals
  • Data and AI Enthusiasts


  • Some understanding of data, knowledge of data practices and data uses will be helpful, but not mandatory
  • Open mind
  • Critical thinking
  • Reasoning & Evaluation

Learning Method

Self-Paced (Web & Mobile App)

When you complete the course you will receive a completion certificate.

You will have access to the course for 90 days from the date of successful purchase.

Price includes all applicable taxes.

£349.00 GBP